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Victory at Sea, a war memorial | Vizag

What you see - Located in close vicinity to Kursura Submarine museum, the ‘Victory at Sea’ war memorial stands tall at RK Victory at Sea, Vizagbeach in Vizag. Spread across a huge park and surrounded by concrete walls, this tower like memorial reminds of Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate in New Delhi. The saying engraved on the central tower’s base reads, “The nation that forgets her defenders needs no ancestors.” It succeeds in invoking a sense of deep rooted nationalism among the visitors.   

Built in 1996 by the Eastern Naval Command to commemorate the role of Indian Navy in the 1971 War and to pay homage to all Indian war martyrs of 1971 this pyramid like structure rekindles the flames of love for the motherland among all the people visiting it. In the evening, bright yellow lights enhance the aestheticism of this monument.

T-55 tank, Victory at Sea, VizagWhat you get – At the war memorial, you will get an opportunity to witness the lethal power of the Indian Navy. There is a T-55 tank symbolizing the land component and an Alizee fighter plane displayed in flying position on a concrete pylon embodying the power in air.

Other eminent exhibits are the P-21 Surface to Surface missiles that wrecked havoc at the Karachi harbor on 4 Dec, 1971 and the RZ-61 Surface to Air missiles that helped the frontline battle ships. At the two corners are the RL-140 anti-submarine rocket launchers that thwarted any sub-surface threat to our guardians of ocean frontiers.

Our verdict – The display of war relics from 1971 like P-21 Surface to Surface missiles, the RZ-61 Surface to Air missiles Missile, Victory at Sea, Vizagetc are a must-see as it takes you back to the historical war. Visit it for a touch of history and a resurgence of national pride.

Benches are available for you to sit. There are roadside stalls for snack options. Entry is free and parking space is available nearby.

Anytime between – 10.30 AM - 7 PM

By Tulika
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