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Tyda (Jungle Bells) - Araku Road

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  • Type: weekend getaways
  • Phone: 08936-249490
  • Address: Araku Road,

Tyda, about 75 kilometers from Vizag, is a small village in the Eastern Ghats. It falls en route to the Araku Valley. It is surrounded by lush green forests and mini-coffee plantations. An ideal weekend getaway, tourists can avail of accommodation in log huts and tree-top cottages at the Jungle Bells Nature Camp, an eco-tourism resort. The camp has facilities for trekking, hiking and bird-watching.

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The chaos, the madness and the mayhem of the city made us seek some relaxation. As we looked at the options available close to Vizag, we were drawn towards Tyda, a small village at a distance of about 75 kilometers...

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pradeep's Review on 21-12-2009
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Tyda (Jungle Bells),Araku Road

Jungle bells comes just after 4 kms of ghat drive to the arakku valley. If you take the train you will need to get down at tyda station and from there its a hike to jungle bells. I recall there are about 18 cottages here. Each of them are quite far from the other with enough privacy. There wont be any phones or TVs in the room which makes you take full advantage of the free time. The restaurant is located at the foot hills while the stay is up hill. The cottages are built into the greenery without destroying the "jungle effect". This is an excellent place for bird watchers or people who just want to have some peace. Very calm and all you could hear are the bird calls. Tribal dhimsa dance is performed thrice a week which is pretty good. Cell phones will not work in this part of the hills. Only BSNL, Airtel and idea phones ccatch the signals near the restaurant. if you have a CDMA service... you might as well switch it off. The food here is good. The staff here is exceptionally helpful (anand to be particular). Best time to come here is in the winter. The sun comes up late and goes down as early as 430pm. The cold also is pretty good. Visitors will find the stay very very peaceful specially if they are from a cosmo city and spend most part of their day glued to computers, TVs or traffic. Pros 1. Good ambiance 2. Lots of peace and calm 3. No TV and Phone in the room 4. Completely cut off from the artificial world 5. Birdwatcher's paradise 6. Excellent staff 7. Good food (really excellent cooks they have there) 8. The hotel is beautifully designed Cons 1. No room service 2. No cell phone coverage