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Holistic healing at Patanjali Yoga Kendra | Vizag

What you see - The signage of the Patanjali Yoga Kendra on Gurudwara Road is in Telugu, so if you cannot read the language, just ask around. The Kendra is well known in the area and is located on the first floor of a residential building, above MVP Super Market. The main Kendra in MVP Colony was set up about ten years ago by G Veda Bhaskaram, and this branch which is three to four years old is managed by Dr. Rajesh Kumar and Dr. Meherunnisa. Here, the accent is on simplicity, so there are no air-conditioned rooms and facilities are very basic. We did notice a few Satya Sai Baba posters though.
What you get – There are five daily classes, three sessions in the morning and two sessions in the evening. The general yoga courses conducted here combine yoga asanas, pranayams, relaxation and meditation. You can choose from various general yoga programs; the two month beginners’ course (Rs. 500), one-month yoga therapy (Rs. 500) and six months advanced course (Rs. 1,200). Alternatively, an annual membership would come for Rs. 2,000, a lifetime membership for Rs. 7,000 and a couples’ lifetime membership for Rs. 10,000.
Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Meherunnisa are qualified naturopaths and treat patients for diseases like asthma, diabetes, spondylosis, gastric problems, joint pains, hypertension, depression etc. The treatments include yoga and dietary counseling along with body massage using Ayurvedic oils (Rs. 150 onwards), steam bath (Rs. 60), tub bath ( Rs. 60) and mud bath (Rs. 100). Dr. Meherunnisa informed us that tub baths were particularly useful for gynecological problems Special yoga and naturopathy packages for weight reduction and joint pains are also available. During summer holidays, the Kendra holds special yoga classes for kids. It conducts classes in apartment complexes as well, if there are a sizeable number of students and it is provided with the space to do so.
Our verdict – The popularity of the Kendra was quite evident from the number of students we saw there. The clientele ranges from local residents and senior citizens to professionals from companies like HSBC. It has a non-pretentious approach, which is in synergy with the yogic thought that it advocates. So it is all about keeping external influences minimal to reach a higher state of self awareness and health. 
Anytime between – 5.15 AM – 11.15 AM; 4.30 PM - 7.30 PM
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