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Hangout at Pastry, Coffee 'n Conversation | Vizag

What you see – With rows and rows of chocolates and pastries placed in a way that compel even the casual passerby to stop and ogle, Pastry, Coffee ‘n’ Conversation or PCNC has undergone a revamp. Located in the heart of Vizag in Dutt Island, PCNC is the ideal and the most preferred hangout in the city.  A small place, it still retains the cozy ambience that it earlier had.

Redone in earthly shades, the interiors of the restaurant have become more formal. The couches and chairs are stark white with the rest of the décor in browns and golds. An entire wall is a riot of colors with dozens of laminated movie posters. Old classics such as ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ adorn the walls and give the place some character. The contrast of this bright wall with the rest of the place is very fetching indeed. There are the usual benches placed outside which are always taken by the regulars where they gossip and catch up or just watch the world go by over steaming cups of coffee.

What you get – Though the old regulars crib about how the place has lost its informality, it is but obvious that the place looks stunning now. With a good and efficient team at your service, PCNC is now attracting new clientele, thanks to its makeover.

The food is always served steaming hot and with its new and improved menu the tables are always packed. The lasagna, pizza and pasta are highly recommended and the grilled club sandwich or the submarine if you are in the mood for something lighter. The garlic bread with cheese served in PCNC is a delicacy with a cult following. Though the coffee available is very good, the iced-tea and the cardamom tea are also crowd favorites. PCNC has a huge array of chocolates which can be bought per piece. Breads and other bakery items are also readily available.

Our verdict – Vizag discovered something special when Abha decided to go into business with PCNC. With her amazing recipes and ideas, PCNC has become a crowd puller. The young crowd would swear by it and with good reason. Very moderately priced it is ideal for everyone’s pocket. Parking can be done along the roadside.

What you pay for a meal for two - Rs. 200-250

Anytime between – 11 AM – 10.30 PM

By Satya K
Updated on Oct 27, 2009
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Sushma's Review on 05-11-2009

PCNC undoubtedly had a magnetic effect and one can never get enough of chocolate. However, a little more of some other flavours would do wonders. I'm a chocolate worshiper but I also seek other flavours.

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