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Gifts galore at Darling's Paradise | Vizag

What you see – Darling’s Paradise is located one level below the main road at Waltair Uplands. This store, we are sure, draws people as much with its name as it does with its colorful window display. It’s a striking sight that greets shoppers when they enter the store – the sheer variety, gloss and rainbow colors of its products can be an eyeful.
What you get – Darling’s Paradise is a card and gift shop; a place to shop for your darling! The store is divided into three main aisles for an organized display, but the store has so many things that items hang from the ceiling and even line the floors next to the shelves.
Greeting cards occupy an entire row. Cards of various sizes, expressing different emotions and for all occasions are available here. The far end of the store is filled with stuffed bears, tigers, hearts, dolls and all manner of soft cuddly toys. Some board games and other toys are also stocked in this section. Vases of different shapes, candle burners and stems of flowers are some avatars of colored glass available here. We also spot scented candles, wrought iron candle stands, a large number of porcelain figurines and decorative pieces.
If you’re looking for photo frames, you can choose from a range of shapes and designs in wood, glass and plastic. An entire shelf devoted to laughing Buddhas, good luck bamboo and literally a ceiling-full of chimes beckon shoppers looking feng shui items. Crystal Ganeshas, small icons of Sai Baba and other religious figures are on display as well. Clocks in innovative shapes like the wheel of a tractor are also worth checking out. We browse through plaques with thoughtful lines and framed quotations, piggy banks, chocolate gift boxes, masks, rope and wrought iron baskets and colorful notepads and diaries.
Darling’s Paradise has a wall covered with key chains, an entire section of pendants, bracelets and other artificial jewelry. You will also find deodorants, stationery, colorful paper bags, wrapping paper, glassware and handbags of different sizes. They keep some lamps as well; we spy a wrought iron floor lamp and a colorful lava lamp.
Our verdict – The store scores in terms of variety, although we found the prices slightly steep for decorative items. It is also cramped for space and customers will find their movements restricted. Shared parking is available on the main road, but it is limited.
Anytime between – 10.30 AM – 9 PM (Closed on Sundays)
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